LED lighting aluminium profiles

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FULLWAT - ECOX-108S-90ANG. Fixing clip
Item No. ECOX-108S-90ANG
Fixing clip 90º
FULLWAT - ECOX-108S-CLIP. Fixing clip
Item No. ECOX-108S-CLIP
Fixing clip
FULLWAT - ECOX-108S-DFC. Diffuser clear
Item No. ECOX-108S-DFC
Diffuser PMMA
FULLWAT - ECOX-108S-DFD-3. Diffuser opal
Item No. ECOX-108S-DFD-3
Diffuser PC
FULLWAT - ECOX-108S-DFD. Diffuser opal
Item No. ECOX-108S-DFD
Diffuser PC
FULLWAT - ECOX-108S-SIDE1. Side cap colour gray
Item No. ECOX-108S-SIDE1
Side cap blind
FULLWAT - ECOX-108S-SIDE2. Side cap colour gray
Item No. ECOX-108S-SIDE2
Side cap with hole
FULLWAT - ECOX-10S-CLIP. Fixing clip
Item No. ECOX-10S-CLIP
Fixing clip
FULLWAT - ECOX-10SA-DFC. Diffuser clear
Item No. ECOX-10SA-DFC
Diffuser lens
FULLWAT - ECOX-10SA-DFD. Diffuser opal
Item No. ECOX-10SA-DFD
Diffuser circular
FULLWAT - ECOX-10SA-SIDE1. Side cap colour gray
Item No. ECOX-10SA-SIDE1
Side cap blind
FULLWAT - ECOX-10SA-SIDE2. Side cap colour gray
Item No. ECOX-10SA-SIDE2
Side cap with hole
FULLWAT - ECOX-10SAABC1-DFC. Diffuser clear
Diffuser lens
FULLWAT - ECOX-15E-BL-SIDE1. Side cap colour white
Item No. ECOX-15E-BL-SIDE1
Side cap blind